About Asian Too

Luong Moc “Louis” Tran came to the United States as a teenager from Vietnam with nothing more than ambition. Through the years, his talent and desire to succeed allowed him to run several restaurants, and eventually own one for himself. In the late 1980’s Louis became an operating partner in a new concept serving Asian food in food court environments. Through this experience he and another partner created a company with three main concepts serving Asian, Cajun and Japanese cuisine in malls and airports. Through ambition and hard work this company grew to surpass 50 units throughout the Eastern U.S.

In 2004 Louis decided to start fresh and focus on building a new company that would blend his experience, passion and knowledge of food court concepts, while allowing him the creative freedom to explore new opportunities for Asian cuisine. The culmination of these efforts is Asian Too ®.

Asian Too ® is a fast casual concept serving Asian Fusion (pan-Asian) cuisine in an open, attractive and comfortable environment. We believe this concept capitalizes on market trends towards the speed, convenience and quality of fast casual combined with the growth, popularity and demand for new and traditional Asian food offerings.